About our Restaurant

The words 'Family' and 'Recipes' best describe Don Julio Mexican Restaurant.  There are currently four generations of family in the restaurant business, in Mexico, in Ohio, and here in Minnesota.  The food is the work of the older generations in Mexico, refining and writing down their favorite meals that were passed down to them from their ancestors.  Excellent cooking is a family tradition and an enjoyable profession for all the family chefs.

The family roots start in the Guadalajara area of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco.  This area boasts that it is also the origin of tequila!  The foods have a rich flavor, but many of the recipes also have a 'street-style' seasoning and aroma.  The food served at all of the locations uses the same family recipes and family members today watch over the cooks to ensure the flavor of old comes alive.

When you visit the restaurants, they are designed to give you the atmosphere of Mexico.  The three in Forest Lake, White Bear Lake and North Branch have the ambience of a pueblo, the town square.  The brickwork specifically brings you into this feeling of being right on the plaza.  The other two restaurants, in Chicago City and Lino Lakes, are modern Mexico.  They have a tourist feel, a bit more elegant, like the style of modern haciendas.  All five include patios, which you will find everywhere in the Jalisco area.  The patio is so important that one location here had to design the patio setting inside the restaurant.  The good news is that family recipes and styles of design make for a pleasant dining experience.  Good flavorful food and a cozy atmosphere.